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Photography student who loves to cook and bake! My New year's resolution, to try my hand at cooking at least 52 new recipes!

28.6.12 - 52 recipes done!

Next target, 104 recipes to reach by the end of the year!
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So busy with uni work at the moment. Had to get away from uni and get a hot choc and cheesecake ^.^ yummy!

Hot chocolate is my passion. It is my morning coffee, my afternoon tea. I am usually found in the in between hours of sunset and sleep, curled up with a cup or two; wrapped up in the blanket my mum crocheted for me. It takes me back to the year where it was just me, her and the dog, a settee each, sharing a big bag of nibbles, she would put on an episode of CSI and I would whistle all of the themes, always to her delight. (Only a mere three sentences into this and I’ve already digressed.)

My hot chocolate infatuation began as a counter attack upon my chocolate cravings, she says as she sits here, writing this with choc-y biscuits on the side of her drink. I guess it calms me, soothes me and warms me up when I want to get away from the reality of growing up, adulthood and soon, my graduation.

Talking about running away from responsibilities, one of my favourite pass times is venturing off on my bike, for pleasure or for errands and finding somewhere to cutch up and test out a new hot choc. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised, sometimes I’m not. Café’s calling dirty brown water an ‘indulgence’ but is then always made up for with the purchase of a gorgeous slice of cake, a buttery, crumbly pastry or a heavenly light tart (and I complain about my weight…..). Every time I find an especially good-looking tester, I make the mistake of going for the large option (with all of the trimmings). I become encased with the warmth of a chocolate hug and which is then followed by the food sleeps and finding myself unable to get home due to my lack of will power; she says, after downing a delicious hot chocolate, eyes growing heavy, all ready for bed wearing my off-white Pjs covered in little blue frogs.

I once heard there were people out in the big wide world who didn’t like chocolate. I didn’t believe it until I met one myself. Strange people. And there are those other people, the ones who only like the white kind, you know, the stuff that actually isn’t chocolate. You know the people I’m talking about. And then there are those people who almost have a physical and mental break down when I tell them I don’t like tea or coffee (which is always awkward when offered drinks in peoples homes). “Anarchy in the UK” some of them say, “what’s wrong with you?” others ask. Responding with “I just don’t like them” is never a good idea as it is always followed with a bombardment of questions or statements of me not trying ‘the right kinds’ or ‘not making it properly. It’s almost like coming out or talking to heterosexual people about my sexuality. It’s pretty awkward and I don’t really want to be having that conversation with them. Hot Chocolate is my favourite, that’s not going to change, just back off and let me indulge myself in this fine drink (and fine women).

I’m making an art and food zine for my end of year professional project so can everyone have a read and reblog to singal boost this :)

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
have you ever seen julie and julia just watched it and all i could think about was your blog!
je-gouterai je-gouterai Said:

AHHH Thank you!!!

It’s my favourite movie and inspired me to start this blog! Obviously I couldn’t do a new recipe every single day, I can’t afford that but once a week is okay c:


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi there ! About the Ham Pie pastry, this is the French way for "tartes" : after you roll it out, poke holes with a fork, spread baking paper on it then put lentils or small rocks or beans or anything that's dry and a bit heavy. Bake for 15-20mn until the pastry is slightly brown. "Cuisson à blanc" on Google Images will give you a glimpse :) Hope you'll succeed next time, sorry for the imperfect English ! xx Mathilde
je-gouterai je-gouterai Said:

Yeah in the Uk we call that ‘blind baking’ but usually a recipe says to do that if you do need to but this one didn’t! However it obviously didn’t need say but clearly needed it! >.<

Thank you anyway c:


No. 10: Eton Mess – 23.2.14 

I was discussing with my friend Dot the last time I made meringue. It was a long long time ago and I recall it coming out brown…. So I decided to give it another go. I got my meringue recipe from Gizzi Erskine’s Kitchen Magic and the rest is pretty self explanatory. Meringue, cream and fruit. Use anything you like to be honest, even a stirring of jam or compote is cool to :) .

Preheat oven to 140oC makes 10 meringues

4 large Eggs Whites
200g Golden Caster Sugar

1 punnet of Strawberries, sliced
1 tbsp caster sugar
100ml double cream, lightly whisked till thick

  • Whisk the egg whites till they form stiff peaks.

  • Gradually whisk in the sugar a Tablespoon at a time, (be patient with this bit!!) whipping until it forms glossy peaks.

  • Line 2 baking sheets with greaseproof paper and spoon on the mixture into 10 circles, 2 dessert spoons for each meringue. Shape swirls on the top of each to make them pretty (if you want to leave whole, as I’m using them for Eton mess they are going to be broken up). Leave enough space between the meringues because they expand whilst cooking.

  • Pop them into the oven for 45-1 hour then turn off the oven to let them dry out completely. They will dry on the outside and marshmallow-y in the inside. Take them out of the oven and leave to cool completely.

  • Place the strawberries in a bowl with the sugar and lightly mash. Cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge till ready to assemble.

  • In a few wine glasses, or little bowls or whatever you’re using to serve them in, being to assemble!

  • Crush one or two of the meringues into each portion, mix the strawberries in with the cream and spoon onto of the broken pieces and serve.

Before the meringues went into the oven, the mixture was this off white colour with a hit of golden shine to it, it was so decadently thick, I know you’re not meant to eat raw egg but I don’t give a damn. I couldn’t help but dive my finger in a scoop up some of this gorgeous mixture. But anyway, again.. they came out brown. I do not know what I am doing wrong but they crumbled away and they were chewy and delicious. And lastly, strawberries and cream are obviously the best combo so this was delicious. I had my little team of taste testers again and they all seemed to approve C:

No.3 Hot Lemon Curd Soufflés

I had some lemon curd in the fridge needing to be used up so had a little search online for anything to use it up in. I stumbled across Delia Smith’s website and this recipe. I’ve made savoury Soufflés before so considered this to be a nice treat. This recipe instructs how to make your own lemon curd but as I was using up leftovers so didn’t use this part of the recipe. I won’t add it here but if you would like to give it a go I’ll pop the link below :)

Serves 4 , Preheat oven to 170oC

You will need 4 ramekins

3 large eggs
50g Golden Caster Sugar
1 medium lemon, zest grated, and juiced (about 2 tbsp of juice)
Lemon Curd
Icing Sugar for sifting

  • Firstly separate your eggs, placing yolks into a medium bowl and the whites in a large clean bowl.

  • Whisk the whites until they reach stiff peaks then add a dessert spoon of caster sugar and whisk again until glossy.

  • Add the lemon zest and juice to the yolks and mix together briefly.

  • Take a tablespoon of the whites and fold into the yolks to loosen the mixture. Fold in the rest of the whites using a cutting motion.

  • Place ½ a tablespoon of Lemon curd into the bottom of each ramekin and spoon into ramekins, piling high to make a pyramid shape. (I used a tablespoon and it was waaaaayy too much!)

  • Place onto a baking sheet and into the middle of a preheated oven and cook for 15-17 minutes until the tops are golden.

  • When finished let them cool for about 5 minutes just to let the curd cool a little. Then dust with the sugar and serve!

I put way too much lemon curd in these. Which made it way too sweet. However the soufflés themselves were very light, had a slight sharpness to them from the lemon juice and a lovely citrus aroma. In theory the lemon curd would work well with the sweet and sharp. I have suggested to use half a tablespoon of curd but I guess it’s a point of taste! Soufflés are always quite easy to do and they are a lovely light dessert after a heavy dinner.